2: FreeMarketOne Alpha 2 is out

Jun 18-July 1, 2020


  • 24 new commits were made to FM.ONE master since last time (follow automatic live updates from the repository @FreeMarketOne)

    1. Fix in Avalonia X11 window positioning.

    2. Fixes and optimization in Tor Process Manager.

    3. Tor status listener.

    4. Catching of unexpected error during loading TOR.

    5. Onion Manager - My tor onion status is now online.

    6. Improvement in code.

    7. Networks genesis blocks, generator, genesis base date Dec 21 2012 11:12:21.

    8. Fix in logging genesis conversion to hex, genesis blocks.

    9. Reorganization in repository, Improvement of splash message handling, fix in BlockChain class empty genesis block.

    10. Loading console info, Avalonia methods.

    11. Small improvement of Loading window.

    12. Added splash screen - changed loading behavior.

    13. Added conversion to immutable hashsets and hashsets.

    14. Loading of market genesis block from base chain.

    15. Loading of market genesis block chain from base blockchain.

    16. Valid date period improvement.

    17. Added blockchain validation period, used idefautbasepolicy, changed configuration.

    18. Refactoring, Market blockchain workflow.

    19. Added methods for clearing old blockchain (temporary) data.

    20. Added WixInstaller

    21. Added icon to exe file

    22. Fixed error with null blockchain id.

    23. Added libs for release version.

    24. Allow unsafe code for Release code.


  • Version 2 alpha has shipped. Download and help testing the new version. We need your feedback.

    What to test (changelog):

    • Blockchain layer, two blockchains — Base (permanent)/Market (temporary). Read more about this solution down below.

    • Memory pools — Base/Market transactions

    • Tor usage improvement

    • Logging improvement

    • Mining policy

    • Time mining technology

    • Test/main environment configuration

    • Update to NET Core 3.1

    • Latest Avalonia multiplatform GUI

FM.ONE running on Ubuntu 20

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Double blockchain solution explanation

FreeMarketOne features the implementation of two blockchains running side by side. First one is a base blockchain and it stores information about users' encrypted data, reviews, ranks system etc. Those records are permanent. Second blockchain is using float genesis block and contains data about offers and trade history. It expires in approximately 3...6 months. This means that that the public records of transactions on the main blockchain where transactions between peers are recorded, will be wiped out clean periodically, producing a clean slate for the traders with the generation of a new periodic genesis block thus neutralizing the snoopy eyes of unfriendly entities who believe that they have not only the right to know everything about what you do in life, but are also entitled to a share of everything you earn. However, the rating system of traders which will be based on the volume and performance of achieved trades cumulatively, will be upheld in a parallel [first] blockchain, that will preserve the details and the rating of each trader, while wiping out the record for the trades they have made before the new genesis block is generated.



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Photo in this edition is by Colin Moldenhauer