1: Approaching Alpha 2 release

Jun 10-17, 2020


  • 13 new commits were made to FM.ONE master in the last 7 days (you can follow automatic live updates from repository @FreeMarketOne)

    1. Reordering in repository, beta #1 of mining part.

    2. Added logging for mining part, fixed some conditions.

    3. Merge branch 'mining' into 'master'.

    4. Unit Testing - Mining, Debug Server Initialization Classes, Onion Mock, Improvement in code.

    5. Merge branch 'mining' into 'master'.

    6. Clearing of debug test unit data, refactoring.

    7. Mining test optimization, refactoring.

    8. Fixes in BaseAction serialization.

    9. Fixing in mining part - unit testing.

    10. Fixed block policy.

    11. Working mining unit test.

    12. Merge branch 'mining' into 'master'.

    13. Updated blockchain layers solutions, RocksDB Storage update.

  • Version 2 alpha release is expected by the end of this month.

More details coming soon.


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Photo in this edition is by Pablo Heimplatz.